TOS Help

Time Machine
You can configure TNAS as a Time Machine server, thus enabling Mac users to back up data to TNAS.

To Set Up Time Machine:

1.Go to TOS Desktop> Backup> Time Machine> Settings;

2.Check "Enable Time Machine";

3.Set "Backup Path";

4.Enter the storage space limitation for Time Machine . If you need more space, you can enter 0 (indicating no limitation);

5.Set "Authorised User". Users who are not on the "Authorised User" list will not be able to use this feature;

6.Click "Apply".

If you want to view the backup list, please go to TOS Desktop> Backup> Time Machine> Backup List. You can check the backup data size, date, and delete the backup file. If you want to delete a backup, check the backup name and click "Delete".


1.Factory settings have Time Machine disabled by default;

2.Backup Path: This refers to the folder allocated to Time Machine backup;

3.Authorised User: Only authorised users have the right to use the backup function of the TNAS Time Machine.

To Set Up Time Machine on your Mac:

1.Open System Preferences on Mac Desktop> Time Machine;

2.Select TNAS as the backup disk;

3.Select "Registered User" at "Connect As", then enter your TNAS username and password.