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UsingDDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service), you can remotely access TNAS devices. DDNS maps TNAS to a domain name, and so you can remotely access TNAS by accessing the dynamic domain name.

To Set Up DDNS:

1.Go to TOS Desktop> Remote Access> DDNS;

2.Check "Enable DDNS";

3.Select a DDNS server;

4.Please fill in the information obtained when registering the DDNS service;

5.Click "Apply";

6.When the TNAS setup menu indicates "Connected", DDNS has been successful set up.


1.Before enabling the DDNS service, select one provider of a domain name service from the menu. Then, go to the provider's official website to register the domain name;

2.Please record the information submitted when registering the domain name. Use this to complete the DDNS setup menu;

3.Before using DDNS to access TNAS, you must port map within the router. Go to the router's setup menu and add the IP address of the TNAS device to the "DMZ" option. Otherwise, DDNS access may fail.

To Use DDNS for Remote Access (Windows and Mac computers apply):

1.Please enter the domain name and port number (given by your DDNS provider) into your browser's address bar, then hit "Enter";

2.Enter your TNAS username and password, then click "Login".